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Driver’s License Requirements

All the renters and additional drivers must provide a valid, authentic, government-issued driver’s license (class 7/5 or higher) issued from their country of residence. A temporary version of the driver’s license or permit is also acceptable, with supporting ID, when the original license has expired or been lost. The renter’s driver’s license must remain valid for the duration of the rental period.

Acceptable Licenses

  • Valid Canadian license
  • Valid U.S. license
  • Valid People’s Republic of China license
  • Valid International Driver’s license and permit
  • Valid Class 7 (New) N Driver’s license and permit

Unacceptable Licenses

  • A license that has been altered or damaged
  • Motorcycle license

Collision Insurance

Collision Insurance coverage is applicable to most car accidents, and it provides coverage for vehicle repairs, or replacement of your vehicle if it is a write off.

Liability Insurance

Your Liability Insurance covers the cost of damage to other vehicles and property damaged in the accident.

Additional Drivers

Spouse-Additional driver fee is $10.00 per day.

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